How to wear a Polki Jewel Accent: An article on how to wear a polki as jewelry.

Polki are one of the most popular of Indian traditional jewelries that is worn by men and women. They are decorative and at the same time, they have a religious significance attached to them. Polki have been worn in India since the time of the Mughals. Polki are used to decorate the forehead and are usually made up of gemstones.

This blog is a brief guide on how to wear a polki as a jewelry.

What to wear Polki with?

Polki jewelry is a popular tradition in Indian weddings as well as weddings between Indian families. It has now become a fashion accessory. The jewelry is worn by women of all ages and it can be worn in many different ways. Polki jewelry can be worn with traditional outfits, but it can also be worn with modern outfits. The jewelry is very versatile and can be worn with a variety of different outfits.

One of the many ways to wear Polki.

A heavy necklace like a long ranihaar in polki will work wonders if you want to go for a royal look. You can opt for a polki necklace studded with south sea pearls, emeralds and rubies to complement your lehenga and lend in a regal touch

An uncut polki necklace with pearl or kundan is hard to go wrong with. If you want to steer away from traditional looks, opt for a detachable multi-layered polki necklace that can be worn with lehenga shades like pastel pink, green, gold and blue.

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